Audio Manogamy is a hi-fi and AV distributor. As of November 2010, we own and distribute Partington and Co, the multi award winning range of speaker stands and equipment supports, with models including the Ansa 60, Trophy, Super Dreadnought, Dreadnought Broadside, Ultima and Heavi speaker stands. We have continued to manufacture these award winning stands since 2010 and are pleased to announce that quality control standards have never been better. Partington stands remain one of the finest solutions available for your speakers.

In addition, Audio Manogamy will be distributing several other hi-fi brands very soon.

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Are You an International Distributor?

We already have some distributors appointed but we are inviting applications from international distributors to distribute Partington and Co stands exclusively in your country. Please apply by e-mail and we will reply with distributor pricing and further information.

Are You a Customer?

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The Ansa 60's are a perfect choice for smaller bookshelf speaker in a hi-fi. They are also perfect for rear speakers in a surround sound set-up, with Partington Super Dreadnought or Broadside stands used for the front speakers.

Partington Dreadnought Broadside speaker stands are a more substantial version of the Super Dreadnoughts, award winners that improve the performance of your speakers. it is also incredibly rigid with a clever design.

The Partington Super Dreadnoughts are out and out, no compromise, loudspeaker stands at an affordable price that will bring out the best out of your speakers. Some of the best sounding and best looking speaker stands available.

The Ultima's flagship model is built to the highest standards and currently used in recording studios worldwide by BBC engineers. Heavy guage folded top and base plates in a triangular design that offers exceptional rigidity. 

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